Being happy in what you do is by far the most important thing to achieve in life. I have found this journey rather hard! What I am good at and makes me lots of money was not necessarily the thing that did it for me. Many people mix up making money with being happy.

Things that I am good at:-

Mentoring business owners, increasing sales for businesses, implementing efficient systems for businesses, understanding financial stuff, being a husband and Dad, growing vegetables, landscape gardening, DIY, playing drums, teaching and coaching judo, laying in a hammock in the sunshine, writing, listening to music, making beer, drinking tea, teaching people to connect spiritually, cooking and making YouTube videos on tea and beer.

Things that I like doing that makes me happy,

Being a husband and Dad, laying in a hammock in the sunshine, growing vegetables and things, cooking, connecting spiritually (or rather being aware of the connection), building stuff in gardens, making tea and beer vids with my friend Anders, making beer, drinking tea, writing (sometimes) and chatting to people especially about spiritual stuff.

I will now mostly be doing things from the happy list. Unfortunately in the current state of the world we need earn a bob or two to get along, so I am now looking for people to pay me some money in exchange for some of the things that make me happy, and in turn will make you very happy.

Always time for a cup of tea!