Nige & Anders Extraodinary Beer Channel – This channel emerged because of lockdown. I used to travel from the Midlands to Dorset every month to see my parents. Whilst there for a few days I would meet up with my mate Anders and we would go out for a beer. Unable to do this during lockdown, we met on Zoom with a predetermined beer or two to sample and talk rubbish about. After a while we decided to record these meeting and the channel was born. After almost two years we decided to stop, we were just drinking too much, it wasn’t healthy. However we both continued with our home brewing and after a few months of absence, we started making videos again, but this time, just reviewing beer kits, and only doing about one video a month or so. The channel has a loyal following and is growing nicely.

Punk Tea – After we decided to stop doing the new beer videos, we both didn’t want to stop doing what we were doing, that is making videos, and doing stuff together. We both like tea, so a new channel was born. We decided on Punk Tea, as we didn’t want any rules as to what we reviewed, hence we do all sorts of beverages. The channel is still in its early days but growing well, but more important than that, we both enjoy making the videos.

Nigel Tinsdale – This is my own channel, not much on it yet, a few odd vids and my video diary when I did a two week water fast.