I don’t take on many landscape gardening projects, but when I do they are generally done quite promptly.

The process begins with a chat with you and a survey of the garden. If I am able to do the work I will outline what will be done and give you an estimation of the costs. If you are happy with that I will provide a written quotation having sourced and costed the materials. Then all that is required is a start date.

I charge £200 per day per person labour, (my son Calum works with me sometimes when needed, he is particularly good at slabbing and fencing). With all matirials 10% is added to cover sourcing and ordering/pick up.

These are some of the projects I have done recently.

Project 1 – This was a patio area which was the main area for outdoor dining. It had fallen into disrepair. We revamped the slabs and added a smart railway sleeper surround.

Project 2 Phase 1 – Friends who have a house on the Isle of Wight, in which they plan to retire to next year needed all the supporting railway sleeper walls replacing, as the originals had been neglected and rotten away. I replaced the sleepers, and added a new terrace by levelling a section and clearing undergrowth, creating a lovely barked area under the shade of a cherry tree.

Project 3 – This was a home project. The project used 95% recycled materials which were in the garden; old shed, paving slabs the old greenhouse had been on, old doors from the house renovation and lots of other left over materials from the house renovation. The resulting office/shed is now Kerry’s (my wife), office for her business, Movemore Learnmore Ltd, an educational consultancy business, (she is very good at it). The Things I had to buy for this project were, 3 lengths of timber, roofing felt, roofing nails, about 1000 screws, insulation, paint and some foil tape. Of course, most of the electrical stuff was new, but even then, my amazing electrician, Jon Telford, reused some sockets from the old greenhouse, giving it that rustic look, as if it really needed it!