Everything is upside down and back to front, everything. Part 1 – Government.

Stating that everything is upside down and back to front is quite a bold statement. It seems bold as everything is just so acceptable to everyone. We are so used to being taught and told the opposite, that the opposite becomes reality and is subsequently seen as the ‘truth’.

To quickly sum up, we have an unjust justice system, a system where the government, (whoever is in power) does not represent the people, a food industry that promotes and feeds us poisons, a police force that no longer investigates crime, a pharmaceutical industry that needs unwell people to make money so don’t produce things that will heal, a medical system that does not heal people, (a controversial one that one), a financial system to make you poor, religions that stop spiritual growth (controversy again), and so on. I have probably offended most of my audience so far, so a cracking start.

Let us go into some detail. Take the government for example. It does not matter which political party is in power, the rich get richer and the population of the poor expands. When the government give to the poor, it is called welfare. When the rich get a handout from the government it is called tax breaks and incentives. The rich get more money than the poor. This is the way, it always has been, regardless of who is in power. Take the last Labour government, a party that is supposed to be for the workers. The government at the time did not want to borrow money so they came up with the Private Finance Initiative, or PFI as its known. Businesses came up with money for projects and the return on investment for those companies putting up the capital is somewhere between 15% to 30%. This is the markup. We overpay by 15% to 30% for those services. If the government had borrowed money, we would be paying back interest at about 3% to 5%, a considerably better deal for the taxpayer than the effective interest rate of 15% to 30% with PFI. Who were the government working for? The People? Of course not, the rich, as they always do. Yet, the left hate the right and the right hate the left, when politically they are united against the people. It is all smoke and mirrors to take from the population and give even more to the rich. The wealth does not matter after a certain point, what matters is control. We think we have democracy, but we don’t. Upside down and back to front. It is plain to see, yet we do not see it. We are under the delusion that it is in our best interests. No one likes to be fooled, and that, in itself, protects the illusion. Do you want to admit you have been a victim of fraud? That you have been plainly deceived?

Sometimes, it’s not even deception.  For example the Iraq war. We entered that on a lie. A lie the government deliberately gave. Hundreds of thousands died because of that lie, and many more were displaced. Yet no consequences for those that gave that lie. Everyone knows about this lie. What was worse, our lawmakers decided to do nothing. I will repeat that our ‘elected’ members of parliament did nothing. No consequences for mass murder. Yet we are happy for those people to govern us. We have people covering up mass murder and controlling all aspects of our lives. Yet we believe 99% of what they tell us, but we know they lie.

We are meant to be one of the richest countries in the world. Why do we get less at more cost from the government? Wages do not keep pace with inflation, so it cannot be the cost of employing people. Where does our money go? Everything is cut and people are paid less. We blindly accept this. Politicians lie, but we believe them, we accept it all. I make no differentiation between any of the political parties, they are all corrupt. The problem is we all feel helpless. We all know something is wrong and corrupt, but we are all waiting for someone else to sort it out for us. We do not take responsibility, and because we do not, we get corruption. I am afraid, it is your fault. You have let this happen. You accept this upside-down world. You say nothing and do as you are told, no matter how corrupt the government is. The first step to rectifying this, is acceptance of your responsibility and the acceptance you have been deceived. However, you may like the upside down back to front world, then carry on, nothing to see here. To be continued…..

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